Camping Totems

Troop 1703 created camping totems based on 2013, 2014, and 2015 camping trips.  The bead colors mean the following:

Blue: Good weather
Black: Rain

White: Snow or sleet
Purple: Below freezing
Clear: Below zero
Red Star: Full week of summer camp
Yellow: District activity or event
Red: Any council activity, except summer camp (this would include conclaves)
Green: Philmont
Orange: National or regional event (except high adventure)
Brown: Any other high-adventure base

Special Beads
Green Marble: Council NYLT
Canoe: Paddle Craft
Dk Green Star: (Long Campout longer than 72 hours)
White Star: Indoor Overnight Event [e.g. USS Lexington]
Arrowhead: Order of the Arrow. Whtie-Tapout, Red-Ordeal/Event
Boot Black-Hiking, Brown Backpacking
Skulls: Wilderness Survival camping