Klondike Derby

This outdoor skill competition featured a Klondike sled or Conestoga wagon which was used to transport equipment from place to place.  Many sleds like ours had four wheels.  Some two, and some had none.  It was a bit warm for a winter outing, but it was a fun winter-themed campout

The troop entered one sled that used lashings to keep the rails and structure above the base intact.  It suffered some damage early in the day during the run through the obstacle course.  The scouts were able to replace the damaged rail, and lash it in place to keep going.

One of the events was setting up a winter shelter.  It had to be able to cover everyone.  The friction bridge was an interesting challenge.  A bridge was created without any lashings or material to bind the spars or poles together.  It relied on friction.  They had to stand on the bridge for 30 seconds to complete that task.  Scouts learned how to start a fire from sparks from a magnesium fire starter. They boiled water, but getting the provided noodle to be soft enough to tie into a square knot was a bit harder.

The highlight for the Troop at the awards ceremony was winning first place for their entry into the dutch oven cooking contest.  A full plate of pot roast, rice, and vegetables took the prize.


IMG_1604 IMG_1606 IMG_1595 IMG_1596 IMG_1600 IMG_1602


The ravine and the crash.


Some repairs are in order.

The big race!

The competition…

Fire contest.