Small Boat Sailing

Troop 1703 Boy Scouts completed most of their small boat sailing requirements on Joe Pool Lake while camping at Lloyd Park. This was an all weekend activity with Ship 626; check in was Friday evening and departure on Sunday morning after camp clean up.

Requirements: completion of BSA swimmer test, closed toed water shoes, life jacket, sunscreen and camping gear for over night stay. Be prepared!

Time on the boat, sailing was marked with low waves towards the end of the day but earlier sailing experienced strong winds.

Lessons learnt with Ship 626 included:

  • Proper clothing, footwear, and personal gear required for small-boat sailing in warm weather and in cool weather.
  • BSA Safety Afloat plan
  • Sailing safety, water conditions, weather hazards and warning signs of inclement weather
  • Identifying Wind Directions
  • Prepare a boat for sailing, including a safety inspection.
  • Get under way from a dock, mooring, or beach.
  • Properly set sails for a round-trip course that will include running, beating, and reaching—the basic points of sail. While sailing, demonstrate good helmsmanship skills.
  • Change direction by tacking; change direction by jibing.
  • Demonstrate getting out of irons.
  • Demonstrate the safety position.

All attending scouts enjoyed the campout. Ship 626 taught first aid whenever you are dealing with any events on the water.

The knot tying class was challenging as we not only needed to demonstrate a working knowledge seamanship and show how to tie a square (reef) knot, clove hitch, two half hitches, bowline, cleat hitch, and figure-eight knot but demonstrate the use of each. Sa

Overall, the times on the boat was fun and kudos to Ship626 for showing us the ‘ropes’

Date: September 30 – October 2,2016

Location: Lloyd Park